Faster deduction resolution and less lost profit

What is Deduction Automation Software?

Deduction and Claims Automation Software incorporates AI and RPA to automate the entire process from cash application with automated reason coding and workflow,  through research to final resolution, which would be the issuance or offset against a credit memo.

Customer deduction errors are charged back and followed through to recapture (collect) the erroneous claim.

Root cause reporting would be a by-product of the process, and most communications are automated, including system-to-system.

You are losing entirely too much money on retailer and distributor deductions. Carixa-DMS makes it easy to get deductions under control and keep your profits.

Deduction Automated Workflows

Carixa-DMS ...Automated Deduction Management System

Deductions are the bane of finance and sales and result in huge lost profits and administrative costs. Managing deductions, chargebacks, claims, and disputes are difficult due to the volume of transactions, manual processes, and poor communication throughout an organization. Automate deductions processing - slash resolution time.

  • Customer codes converted to internal codes
  • Collect more deductions and recover your losses
  • Identify root causes - prevent future deductions
  • Automated communications and packages
  • Eliminate routine repetitive work

Carixa-DMS includes collaborative workflows that can be configured based on customer, deduction type, and dollar amount for delegating to the assigned people. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) captures the documents from internal, customer, and carrier systems while initiating resolution workflows. If a deduction needs to be credited or adjusted, approval thresholds assigned to each user are part of the process.



Robotic Processes eliminate repetitive tasksFaster and error-free resolution
Smart workflow for faster resolutionNo overlooked items
Problem escalation and delegationCustomer satisfaction increased
Employee  performance trackingScalable without adding staff
Automated communicationsHigher collections and profits

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