Customer Collaboration Portal   Carixa-CP

The Challenge

Multiple departments need to weigh in on a customer deduction, trade promotion, or invoice dispute utilizing using email chains to keep everyone informed, along with capturing supporting documentation and with requisite approvals.

The Solution

The Carixa-CP is a portal that includes operational workflows to engage team members throughout the organization, including Customer Service, Sales,  and Warehouse, ensuring that they complete their issue or deduction resolution. Unique workflows can be configured based on transaction code, customer, and the amount channeling the decision or input to the right person.

Collecting and storing the documentation to approve or reject a deduction is also managed by Carixa.  Debit memos and PODs can be autonomously fetched from customer and carrier websites and attached to an existing entry.   If a deduction ultimately needs to be credited or adjusted, approval level thresholds can be assigned to the business process and become a permanent record within Carixa.

  • Get all the constituents on the same page
  • Aggressively drive problem resolution
  • Eliminate email tag, follow-ups, faxing
  • Hold all departments accountable
  • Enable creative solutions to specific problems
FeaturesMore Benefits
Collaboration Portal automatically notifies users of new deductionsQuick engagement leads to a swift resolution
Workflows configured based on deduction type and dollar amountFocuses on cash recoveries
Escalation based on type, age, and amount of deductionCustomer satisfaction increased
Automated claims/deduction ReconciliationImproves root cause reporting and analysis
Tracking of resolution time and method of closureReduces operating costs