An advanced, fully automated  “cloud” credit application eliminates wasted time, paper shuffling, emails, faxes, telephone tag, etc.  The easiest way to explain the concept is:

  1. The customer fills out the online application, e-signs any agreements, guaranties, forms, etc., and clicks a button to submit.
  2. With 100% automation, we produce a complete credit file, ready for approval, or using workflow you can to delegate it to someone else for action or decision.
  3. The multiple-day process, the manual work, and the expense to set-up new customers and approve new orders can be slashed by 80%.


Benefits and ROI

  • Speed. Accelerate speed of order approvals, reducing the time up to 80%, in many cases from days to just hours.
  • Costs. Eliminate almost all manual work, and the wasteful cycle of follow-up calls, faxes, emails, hard copy forms, and letters.
  • Accuracy. Get more accurate information directly from the source (the customer), eliminate manual entry errors.
  • Better Credit Decisions from having complete and timely information.
  • Customer Relations. Improve customer service with a “frictionless” process with your branding that eliminates the wait for order approvals.

Partial Integrated Features List


  • Workflow and Calendar guide the process from the point the customer submits the application until you approve it.
  • Trade References are automatic, including customer-supplied references.
  • Bank References are automatic, fast, and complete.
  • Credit and Payment Scores can be integrated
  • Financials. Customer-submitted and public company financials are included automatically.
  • Automatic Reviews based on your rules.
  • Workflow, authorization levels, and automated updates keep your records up-to-date, for example, refresh financials or adjust credit lines when payment experience changes.
  • The information you need for legal compliance, including valid digitally signed agreements and documents.
  • Online Sales Tax Exemption Certificate File to keep you compliant.
  • Include existing customers for automated monitoring, updates and periodic updates (such as private financials).
  • Integration with your ERP and customization for special needs are available.

Please contact us for more information on how this technology can make a difference in your organization.