Credit Information Networking is Smyyth’s Credit Information affiliate. It is a groundbreaking credit platform that dramatically improves the quality, cost, and delivery of business credit information with a secure and scalable data cloud computing backbone. The company has a state-of-the-art internet platform, and a legacy of over 90 years, formerly known as Bernard Sands LLC (est. 1925),  combining with Smyyth Credit Services LLC (est. 1946).

We have integrated credit bureau data with extensive real-time industry trade and connected the real experts – that is, industry credit managers. With Credit2B, you can:

Quickly identify the credit worthiness and payment habits of your customers

Monitor your customer credit on a real-time basis

Interact with your industry peers in real time

Benchmark your accounts receivable exposures against others in the trade

Manage your credit workflow

Get real-time updates and alerts

Make better decisions, faster

Use end-to-end automated workflow to onboard your new customers

CREDIT2B™ is an advanced B2B industry network-powered credit solution delivering remarkably high quality and timely credit information validated by your own industry. We help our clients get to know their common customers through software that identifies and tracks them by the minute. You can forget stale information, old trade data, or unreliable credit reports with references that are not relevant to your business. CREDIT2B provides ratings and guidance based on the most valid industry data from your peers in your industry.

CREDIT2B is what you need for fast, accurate credit decisions based on dependable up-to-the-minute information, supported by analytics and automation to make routine credit decisions painless, while at the same time following your specific corporate policies.

CREDIT2B will provide your company an easy to use and powerful “corporate command and control” system for credit decisions, even managing all documents if you want. Big enterprises are able to consolidate and evaluate credit risk and A/R performance for multiple subsidiaries. All of these benefits are seamless and instantly available.

There is no software or hardware to install, and your CREDIT2B dashboards are available in the office, tablet or smartphone.

We already service hundreds of global manufacturers, distributors, and financial companies. It is simple to join, connect, and start making decisions in less than 48 hours. We invite you to contact us for more information.

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