Carixa will provide your company an easy to use and powerful “corporate command and control” system for credit decisions, even managing all documents . Big enterprises are able to consolidate and evaluate credit risk and A/R performance for multiple subsidiaries. All of these benefits are seamless and instantly available. Smyyth partners with credit bureaus, including Credit2B, to dramatically improve the quality, cost, and delivery of business credit information with real-time integration and scoring into Carixa’s powerful credit management application to provide a global, 360 degree view of risk, automated monitoring and credit line management

Manage your credit workflow

Quickly identify the credit worthiness and payment habits of your customers

Monitor your customer credit on a real-time basis

Benchmark your accounts receivable exposures against others in the trade

Make better decisions, faster

Use end-to-end automated workflow


There is no software or hardware to install, and your Carixa dashboards are available in the office, tablet or smartphone.

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