Smyyth Collections LLC,  our collection agency affiliate, has merged its collection activities with Leib Solutions LLC (another Smyyth company) to handle Smyyth’s collection agency activity to organize the work to most effectively service our clients.

Further, because Leib is the same powerful Carixa platform as all the Smyyth companies,  accounts can be seamlessly transferred between first-party outsourced collections and third-party agency action when required.

Leib is a highly regarded national collection agency, in business for close to 35 years, with the systems, collection agents and specialists to best serve our clients needs. Leib is one of a half-dozen companies worldwide listed by A.M. Best as an expert in the collection field. Leib has access to all the advanced systems and skill sets of the Smyyth companies.  For more information on this, fill out our contact form, and we’ll respond immediately.