When dealing with collections anywhere in the life cycle of accounts receivable, we work with you as a valuable financial partner. We understand the need to be sensitive to your customer relationships while solving the problems that prevent payment and recovery of your money.

Our experts can handle your receivables at any point in the cycle – 30, 60 or 90 days outstanding are typical. We can handle all or part of your portfolio, and will work with you seamlessly. We will assign an expert Account Manager who will be responsible for delivering results to meet your goals, and will keep you informed of progress.

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First Party Outsourcing

If collections, this can be from Day 1 or as they age to 30, 60 or beyond. Our engagement architects quickly assist with systems integration, training, reporting, etc., for a seamless no-hassle transition. This can include any of A/R, including cash application, collection, deduction management, and reconciliation.

Third Party Collections

Delinquent accounts or portfolios to prevent write-offs when your customer becomes a debtor, and when quick professional action is required to avoid write-offs. Our strategic advantage is our Accelerated Collection Strategy™, which is integrated with our credit information sources. Our systems are state of the art, and include internet placement and reporting. As you would expect, we are certified by the CCAA, and have a superb international legal network as well.

Project Solutions

Projects include turnkey management of backlogs of collections, cash application, deduction recovery, and account reconciliation- any aspect of credit or accounts receivable. Even write-off and disbursements auditing for profit recovery. Our highly experienced teams can tackle any emergency, including backlogs for an entire portfolio or a specific segment or set of accounts.

Liquidation Services

Including full source A/R management and recovery in bankruptcy and liquidation scenarios for corporate, trustees, debtors and lenders. This includes Carixa systems as a “system of record” throughout the life cycle of the liquidation, forensics if needed, and full reporting.

Fixed Fee Services

This fixed charge program for high volume clients offers you the opportunity to collect 100% of your money at less than your internal cost, by means of a powerful letter and collection call series to capture the “easy money” before converting to contingent, third-party collections. Contact us for more information.

We have extensive information on your customers, an expert collection team, a powerful process, and best-in-class technology to tackle all aspects of accounts receivable. With our alliances throughout the world, we can handle international business as well.