Automated Cash Application on a Turnkey Basis

Carixa auto-cash application delivers a 99.9% completion-match rate, matching remittances from all sources to invoices, credits, and deductions, including the setting up and routing of deductions, short pays, discounts, etc., to jump-start the resolution workflow.

Other so-called “auto-cash” systems leave 25%-50% of the work including exceptions, deductions, and short pays to be completed manually. Carixa solves this problem by better front-end matching and then automated processing and workflow for all the exceptions. Carixa works seamlessly with your other systems, or as an integrated part of the complete Carixa Cloud suite. Either way, you get real-time results in payment posting.

Only with Carixa’s unique matching and exception handling process, can you achieve 99.9% completion of a day’s remittances.



  • 99.9% automated processing
  • Optional scanning/OCR automation
  • Automatic deduction matching
  • Optional robotic fetching of support documents
  • Automatic chargeback, debit memo directly into the workflow
More Benefits
Interprets, translates, and processes BAI, EDI, PDF, emails, and spreadsheet data.Fast and accurate cash posting
Auto creation and coding of deductionsTracks Earned and Unearned Discounts
Tests for earned and unearned discount rulesReal-time update of collection follow-up queue
Detailed online payment historyReduced held orders
Single interface to multiple ERP systemsReduced complexity, higher efficiency

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