Deduction Management With Carixa

Deductions are the bane of finance and sales, and result in lost profits. Even if deductions are “budgeted” or considered a “cost of doing business”, they nevertheless cost millions of dollars of profit every year.

Managing and quantifying deductions, charge backs, claims and disputes is difficult due to the sheer volume of transactions, manual processes, and poor communication throughout an organization.

The Carixa Deduction Management engine includes collaborative workflows that can be configured based on customer, deduction type and amount for channelling to the responsible parties. Collecting the required documents to substantiate the approval or rejection of a deduction is also managed by Carixa.  Automatically, debit memos can be retrieved from customer websites and used to create the deduction or simply be attached to an existing deduction transaction. If a deduction ultimately needs to be credited or adjusted, approval thresholds assigned to each user can be attached to the business process and become a permanent record within Carixa.

Achieve best-in-class deduction processing (DDO)

Identify root causes and prevent deductions

Recover more money- collect more deductions

Eliminate most of the manual work involved


More Benefits

Collaboration Portal automatically notifies users of new deductions Quick engagement leads to swift resolution
Workflows configured based on deduction type and dollar amount Focuses on cash recoveries
Escalation based on type, age, and amount of deduction Customer satisfaction increased
Adjustment thresholds are assigned to each dispute type Ensures complete documentation to satisfy Audits
Documentation to satisfy Audit requirements Customer satisfaction increased

Carixa has an extensive automation and features list. Pease contact us for a detailed features list.