Best-In-Class Credit Management Software

Carixa™, our breakthrough Software as a Service (SaaS) programming, automates the Credit Management Lifecycle from the job of processing new credit applications and assigning credit lines to monitoring customer credit risk.

When your business implements the Carixa™ credit management software, it will:

Achieve best-in-class DSO and cash flow, and reduce delinquency and bad debts

Assure outstanding results without adding staff with system-driven performance

Audit-able compliance with corporate risk policies

Benefits of Implementing Carixa™

When you use this credit management software, you can streamline operations and reduce the time associated with management tasks. Starting with an Automated Credit Application, you can control the entire customer onboarding and monitoring experience, saving 80% of the manual labor, and accelerating order approvals by up to 80% as well.

For multi-subsidiary corporates, it is now possible to seamlessly manage credit risk at the corporate level while delegating day-to-day management to the subsidiaries or branches.

Carixa™ delivers numerous benefits that make running your business and managing your credit simpler. These include:


More Benefits

Online Credit Application This automated solution saves time, eliminates repetitive work, and speeds shipment of orders
Customer Scorecards Defined scoring models applied consistently to your customer base
Portfolio Alerts Provides actionable alerts online and by email.  Critical information specific to your customers
Portfolio Monitoring Provides actionable alerts online and by email.
Portfolio Benchmarking Benchmark metrics that enables you to assess performance against KPIs
Portfolio Consolidation Visibility and management of risks on a consolidated and individual company basis
Credit Management Workflow Tasks and decisions are managed via powerful workflow with escalation for approvals
Credit File Documentation Histories and documentation to support your credit decision, essential for auditor review

Using Carixa™ to Monitor Credit Risks

You can assign customized customer scorecards incorporating credit information and payments experience. Carixa™ includes management workflows, approval limits, exposures monitoring, reviews, action escalations, electronic signatures, documents, controls, and audit histories for SOX, easy reporting, and more. It is highly automated and controlled, so management can focus on what’s important risks vs. routine tasks.

Applications of Carixa™

Carixa™ technology is a management tool that not only functions as an effective credit management software but also for:

Cash Application Services

Account Reconciliation Processes

Automated Outsource Receivables Management

• And many more applications

Improve Performance With Carixa™ Credit Management Software

At Smyyth, we pride ourselves on offering the Carixa™ engine as a solution for a range of tasks related to credit, deductions, or accounts receivable. Integrating Carixa™ into your credit management workflow will automate the credit management lifecycle and assist in all facets of credit analysis, management, and application.

If you wish to have all of your credit management done by a third party, we offer credit management outsourcing solutions as well. To learn more about our services or the Carixa™ platform, please contact us