Carixa Retriever™ now goes in Reverse too
Carixa Retriever™ now goes in Reverse too
Carixa Retriever™ now goes in Reverse too

Carixa Retriever™ now goes in Reverse too

Not only can you pull debit memos, data and details from customer portals but you can push disputed claims back to the retailer automatically!

This includes Pre-Deduction Advice, Debit Memos m Data Conversion, EDI 820, EDI 812, PODs, Skipped invoices, File claims disputes

Carixa Retriever is an awesome tool in the Carixa Credit to Cash Suite that lets you interact with your customer and shipper portals to automatically obtain, translate, and initiate actions for Debit Memos, EDI 812, EDI 820, and POD’s to the delight of Credit and Deduction Managers. Even push your claim disputes back to the retailer’s system.

No longer will you need to navigate to these sites, logon, search, download, cut, paste, and print debit memos one by one. All of this manual work is eliminated and your team can redirect its efforts to more important stuff.

You have the option of using Carixa’s powerful workflow to route this critical information to resolve, reconcile, and recapture deductions to the responsible parties for action.

This is serious business which may be costing your company hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per year in excess deductions and overhead.

Retriever FAQ:

Is Carixa Retriever complicated to configure? Not at all. It’s a software as a solution (SaaS) tool that doesn’t require any software or hardware on your part. Our Implementation pros work with your team to set it up, and we monitor/manage it for you.

Is it expensive? A mere pittance compared to what you are spending now.

Can you convert data to documents? Glad you asked, customer deduction data can even be delivered in your own deduction document format and categories.

Is there a long-term commitment? You can cancel any time you want.

What will my IT Department Say? They’ll love us. Our process, protocols and security are tested and meet industry standards, and there is very little work for your IT department

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