Carixa Pay – EIPP Solution
Carixa Pay – EIPP Solution
Carixa Pay – EIPP Solution

Carixa Pay – EIPP Solution

The Carixa Cloud Suite includes Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP).

Carixa EIPP will streamline your operations, speed customer service, reduce transaction costs, and get paid faster. With Carixa’s flexible architecture, you can offer the EIPP solution to selected business segments, usually smaller  B2B customers who would benefit the most. The benefits of an EIPP program span the spectrum of hard cost savings for both supplier and customer and soft benefits such as being known as a supplier who is easy to do business with which generates a sense of customer loyalty.

Features of the Carixa EIPP module:
  • Invoices are delivered electronically via your own branded online portal or by email.
  • Payment options can be offered to include ACH, e-check, Credit Cards, and ACH.
  • Effective dispute management using your company’s dispute codes.
  • Immediate insertion of Disputes into the Workflow Resolution process
  • Automatic Cash Application of Payments – your customers do your cash application!
If you are interested in participating in the program or would like more information about the Carixa Cloud Suite please contact us.

Smyyth LLC  – Carixa Credit-to-Cash Technology and Managed Services

Smyyth provides enterprise quality Carixa Order-to-Cash software-as-a-service (SaaS) and managed services to support your accounts receivable operations. Services include receivables “cure” projects, and consulting to enable companies to attain extraordinary cash flow and profits using best practices for managing credit, accounts receivable, collections, deductions, disputes, and cash application.

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