Workflow Automation

Carixa workflows are intelligent, automated processes designed to efficiently handle the complicated and customer-specific deductions and collections issues you face every day. Exceeded credit lines? Changes to customer credit scores? Cash application discrepancies? Carixa can help you solve the web of communication challenges that arise.

Automatically streamline your A/R processes

Carixa workflows streamline the daily and weekly communications needed to run your accounts receivable processes. Appropriate actions are automatically taken as a result of changes in customer data. So when a deduction or other adjustment is created, Carixa helps your analysts keep track of the issues. If collections receives a POD but the ACH or check is not received yet, Carixa keeps you’re A/R department informed.

Workflow Benefits

  • Business users define custom workflows for each customer account
  • Setup workflows to communicate changes to your customers’ line items
  • Send notifications at the right time to the right people to prompt action
  • Create escalation scenarios as needed to help drive the best outcomes
  • Trigger workflows based on date or other customer data
  • Workflows are powered by Carixa, the most automation-driven A/R system on the market


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Contact us to learn more about how this Carixa module can function independently or as part of a total Accounts Receivable software system.

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