Two, Three or Four Way Automated Accounts Payable and Invoice Matching

Matching of invoices to receiving documents and purchase orders are critical steps for accounts payable before a vendor invoice is processed for payment. We have automated complex matching processes.

With Carixa’s Matching Engine, one -to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many relationships can be matched and reconciled. The system is rules-based and easily configurable by us so the processes run by your rules and tolerances to eliminate secondary, off line work.

Matching For Purchasing and Accounts Payable Audit and Processing

  1. Receiving Documents
  2. Purchase Orders
  3. Invoices
  4. Other control documents

High volume payables and receiving departments have product coming in from hundreds or even thousands of suppliers and purchase orders, receiving documents and invoices need to be matched as to Quantity, SKU, and Price, and sometimes even down to serial numbers. If credit or debit variances occur, they must be initiated before the invoice is paid.

You determine the rules and tolerances; for example:

  1. Quantity billed ≤  Purchase Order
  2. Quantity received ≥ Invoice
  3. Quantity accepted ≥ Invoice
  4. Invoice price ≤  Purchase Order
  5. Serial or Control numbers match
  6. Discount tolerances
  7. Freight charge tolerances

Using our own special Carixa technology, we can automate and perform this labor intensive and error-prone operation, reconciling between purchase order, receiving documents and invoices. The system can validate a transaction for payment or initiate a variance report for a  debit memo for a shortage, pricing or compliance error,  or a credit memo for an overage, or initiate a customer reconciliation document.


  • Completion of matching transactions within 24 hours
  • Avoid over paying for product not received or pricing overcharges
  • Keep your inventory straight
  • Process payables timely for better supplier relations