Backlogs pile up. Projects happen
No learning curve here. 

Smyyth offers expert turnkey services for the credit-to-cash function and will quickly deploy an interim project team to resolve any “backlog” in these functions, including the advanced systems required to complete the job:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash flow – Collections
  • Deduction Resolution
  • Reconciliation
  • Debit-Credit matching
  • Receivables Backlogs
  • Supplier-Customer Compliance
  • Credit Files
  • Sales Tax Exemption Certificates
  • Supplier / Customer Compliance

We supervise our teams, so your management can focus on moving forward while we clean up the backlog.

Cash Flow Pros

Cash Flow Pros is a turnkey cash flow program to turn frozen receivables into cash quickly. We can deliver a complete team with supervision and automated systems. For a $1 billion company with international receivables, we were able to reduce receivables by $90 million in less than 90 days.

  • Slash DSO by 30%
  • Increase deduction recoveries by 70%
  • Reconcile customer accounts to identify collectible A/R
  • Improve Cash Flow & Collections
  • Clean up the A/R backlog

Cash Flow Pros delivers the results you need, within your operational framework, and integrating with your systems. We unfreeze and collect receivables, resolve disputes, identify systemic issues, and reconcile accounts.

At the end, we deliver a Management Report identifying the root causes of payment delays, disputes and other systemic problems, so that you are able to convert our findings into long-term benefits.

When you really have a tough problem, and you need a focused and sure solution, our turnkey industry teams are the way to go. They are truly “turnkey”, including the staff, supervision, skills and experience required. We make sure your goals are met.

Results that matter™

Explore Fullsource Turnkey Solutions

If you want to focus on your business and outsource non-core operations to professionals, you may want to explore Smyyth’s “turnkey” solutions that offer both technology and a ready-made professional staff, for an instant solution, 100% US based.