Forensic Reconciliation

Corporate Management
Credit Managers
Internal Audit
CPAs – Auditors
Financial and Lenders

When things go wrong, they sometimes go really wrong, requiring a review, rebuilding, validation and reconciliation of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of customer transactions. The Smyyth-Carixa platform has truly unique and powerful forensics reconciliation capabilities simply not available with other programs. Once the project is set-up by us, our powerful software and servers can process, match and reconcile a file of tens of thousands of transactions in, literally, a couple of minutes of computer processing time

We perform the entire service for you, and deliver the analyses and exception reports you need to make decisions, and take corrective action quickly.

Never again write-off a receivables mess because it is too complex to get to the bottom of in detail.

  • Rebuild years of accounting transaction files
  • Match debits and credits and deliver exceptions
  • Clean up the accounts receivable in preparation for audit
  • Identify misapplied cash or credits
  • Identify customer deduction losses
  • Automatically download and match carrier system proofs of delivery with invoices
  • Validate invoices vs. shipping records and proofs of delivery
  • Untangle mass match-offs and identify actual customer receivable and liability values
  • Determine actual sales invoiced vs. returns received by customer with registration, control number or serial number