Recover Revenue and Profit Leakage

Smyyth Profit Recovery services can recapture millions of dollars that slip through the revenue cycle cracks. Our services include a rigorous audit, detailed research, and most importantly, recovery of the lost revenues and profits. You will receive a Management Report with root causes and improvement opportunities. Seamlessly executed, with outstanding customer service and without disruption to your operations.

Capture lost profits

Identify systemic problems costing you money

Solve chronic customer or vendor process errors

No-risk success fees.

Unbilled revenues are a big source of profit opportunity

Carixa™ forensic tools can process, analyze and evaluate massive quantities of data, enabling an effective audit of billings, charge-offs, and credit memos any high volume process where errors can occur. These are just a few examples. Our multi-factor reconciliation and matching technology can handle any type of data on any scale.



Unresolved backlogs of customer deductions, credits, and debits are a direct hit to profits and often caused by systemic operational or customer errors.  We analyze, resolve and recover what would otherwise be lost profits.


Post-audit deductions initiated by third-party accounts payable auditors are frequently in error – often 50% wrong – but extremely complex and time-consuming to analyze. Our special software enables us to track and audit these claims and recover the excessive charges.


Prior to deciding to write off receivables, we will audit them and, using our investigation and collection recovery teams, make sure that none are recoverable.


A pharmaceutical company issues a recall and returns are 30% higher than expected. Smyyth audited the returns and determined that $17 million did not agree with date and code parameters, and the money is recovered to the bottom line.


Wholesale or distributor rebate verification can be impossible to do manually because of the hundreds or thousands of line items involved. We have the technology to perform this function, possible saving tens of thousands of dollars in excess rebate charges.


Our technology can compare purchase orders vs. invoices vs. receiving and inspection documents to identify price errors, quantity shortages, discounts, allowances, freight charges, etc., on a retrospective basis to recapture lost profits and identify systemic repetitive problems.


The client’s biggest customer showed a complex reconciliation balance of $17 million due from our client. Enabled by our technology, re-applied tens of thousands of transactions representing many years activity and proved that the customer actually owed the client $4.5 million, and collected it, a swing of $21.5 Million.-

We have decades of experience handling the most complex trading partner issues. Call for more information.