Recover Revenue and Profit Leakage

Smyyth Profit Recovery services can recapture millions of dollars that slip through the revenue cycle cracks. Our services include a rigorous audit, detailed research, and most importantly, recovery of the lost revenues and profits. You will receive a Management Report with root causes and improvement opportunities. Seamlessly executed, with outstanding customer service and without disruption to your operations.

Carixaâ„¢ forensic tools can process, analyze and evaluate massive quantities of data, enabling an effective audit of billings, charge-offs, and credit memos any high volume process where errors can occur.

Unbilled revenues are a big source of profit opportunityUNBILLED REVENUE AUDIT & RECOVERY

Many companies may have significant Unbilled Revenue resulting from high volumes, system snafus, or offline processes. We can uncover significant revenue findings with no interruption to your staff. Our rigorous process, expert auditing, and computer analytics will uncover lost revenues and produce profits.


Backlogs of credits and debits are often “mass” applied and written-off for convenience due to timing, personnel or system limitations, especially during systems conversions or to clean the books for divestiture. We download these records to our systems for analysis, identification, rebilling and recovery of legitimate revenues.


A pharmaceutical company issues a recall and returns are 30% higher than expected. Smyyth audited the returns and determined that $17 million did not agree with date and code parameters, and the money is recovered to the bottom line.


The client’s biggest customer’s accounts payable showed a balance of $17 million due from our client. The discrepancy resulted from years of cumulative misapplications and errors. We reconciled tens of thousands of transactions of activity and proved that the customer actually owed the client $4.5 million, and collected it, a swing of $21.5 Million.