EIPP – Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment

The Challenge: To automate the invoice-to-cash cycle, you need to improve customer service and offer a hassle-free method for customers to make payments, freeing up staff from low value added tasks such as sending invoice copies and for customers to communicate the reason for disputed invoices.

The Solution: The Carixa EIPP portal keeps your Credit and Collections Department open 24 hours a day. The customers you invite to use your portal self-register and from this point forward they are able to log in and, review or print invoice copies, make payments, dispute invoices and communicate with the credit department or sales.

  • Take days out of your invoice-to-cash cycle
  • Achieve best-in-class DSO and cash flow, reduce delinquency and bad debts
  • Eliminate all manual work administering these customer accounts
  • Resolve disputes before they become deductions
  • Assure outstanding results without adding staff with system-driven performance
FeaturesMore Benefits
Easy self-service registration to portalIncreases adoption rate of portal
Portal offers convenient online payment optionsAdditional collection tool for Collection Representatives
Auto posting of payment to open Accounts ReceivableEliminates cash posting requirement and ensures 100% posting accuracy
Automatically notifies users of new deductionsQuick engagement leads to swift resolution
Workflows configured based on deduction type and dollar amountFocus directed to high probability cash recoveries
Escalation based on type, age, and amount of deductionCustomer satisfaction increased