Credit-To- Cash Outsourcing and Projects

Corporate resources are thin, yet more than ever, cash flow is critical, and revenue and profit dilution must be minimized.

We have immediately implementableĀ solutions to unlock working capital, accelerate cash flow, and reduce the revenue and profit dilution that stems from customer deductions.

Smyyth is a trusted corporate partner for over 100 years, with capabilities and technology that can actually transform the way credit and accounts receivable is managed, for better cash flow, customer service and profits.

Our best-in-class Carixa ā„¢ platform, expert staff, and 100% USA staff follows your policies, while automating operations to produce dramatic results. Using AI and Robotic Process Automation, we are remarkably efficient in dealing with large transaction volumes. And you are always in the loop with the collaborative Carixa internet platform.

Full Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

Collection Outsourcing

Deduction Outsourcing

Cash Application

Cure and Cleanup Projects

Our solutions can be either comprehensive or targeted to problem areas, with fast turnkey implementation and seamless integration. We can support any of your order to cash processes.

Backlog “Cure” Projects

Most companies have cash flow tied up in delinquencies and chronic deduction backlogs. We execute short-term “cure” projects of any scope, for any credit or accounts receivable function on a one-time or continuing basis.

  • Collections
  • Deductions
  • Cash Application
  • Account reconciliation
  • SKU level matching (i.e., returns)
  • File rebuilding, re-application
  • Forensics to uncover hidden A/R value
  • Solving systemic problems
  • Profit Recovery programs

Management Reporting and Knowledge Transfer

We work hand-in-hand with your staff to achieve your objectives and ensure knowledge transfer. Periodically or at the end of each engagement, we deliver our recommendations:

  • Engagement objectives vs. results.
  • Profit, and cash flow opportunities.
  • Controls and enhancements.
  • Best Practices.
  • Smyyth services are SOC2 certified and Six Sigma based.