Security and Systems Performance

Both for outsourcing engagements performed by Smyyth or affiliates, as well as direct licensing to licensees the Carixa application is written with a high level of security standards to protect data from unauthorized access. Our Data Center’s world-class, purpose-built SSAE16 certified facility is equipped with a fully redundant power supply for building and security management systems, and staffed by specially-trained, highly-experienced system and network engineers who actively manage and maintain the facility 24x7x365. This is one of the first commercially available facilities in the world with a three-factor security access requirement. It is strategically located in Central New Jersey, USA.


Service is available to customers 24 hours per day and 365 days per year via the internet.

  • Scheduled systems maintenance occurs between Saturday 3 a.m. and Saturday 6 a.m. EST (US).
  • Scheduled software updates occur between Friday 11 p.m. to Saturday 8 a.m. EST (US).
  • Outside the maintenance windows, service uptime is expected be at least 99.7%. “Service uptime” means that the major functional areas of the service are available to users.
  • Carixa will make diligent efforts to avoid unscheduled downtime.

Error Handling -Generic error messages such as 404 and 500 have been replaced with custom error and/or outage messages.
Performance – Carixa tries to keep all servers below 75% utilization. An active monitoring system is present on all servers and immediate actions are taken when utilization levels exceed this threshold.

Response Time
  • Services are designed in a manner that minimizes delays when accessed.
  • Average response time for most transactions on the site is expected to be under 2 seconds with 95% of transactions less than 4 seconds (for fast internet connections on client side).
Internet Connectivity

Utilizing a unique, fail-safe, intelligent network infrastructure and proprietary routing technology, Carixa delivers unsurpassed speed, reliability and virtually unlimited scalability. The data center is and has been running at 100% uptime.


All servers and applications are continuously monitored for availability and performance of all components and subsystems of the Service, including all critical points of failures, using industry accepted monitoring tools. Historical monitoring results are maintained for 6 months for auditing purposes

Backups and Recovery

Carixa backs up the operating system, each of the system layers and applications specific deployment and configurations for the Service on a daily basis, with retention of all prior versions of the backed-up system image for 14 days. The incremental backups are done every 4 hours and full backups are done daily. Database and applications backups can also be stored off site if required (additional fee).

Data Security

Carixa sites are using 128-bit SSL. In addition, Carixa maintains commercial data security systems to prevent unauthorized access to the Service, including passwords, access levels, firewalls, intrusion detection, log files, monitoring and reporting. Carixa takes all commercially reasonable precautions to prevent commonly known means or published means of obtaining unauthorized entry into the computer and data systems used for the Service.

Scalability -All Carixa system components are scalable within a reasonable time by adding more servers, more processors to the servers or by using data partitioning.

Extension of Services – The subsystems of the Service designed in a component-based architecture so that new modules and subsystems can be readily added to the existing systems.

Disaster Recovery -Carixa operates the Service in compliance with a disaster recovery plan which we reasonably believe will allow for recovery of production and operations within 48 hours if primary production Service is unavailable due to a disaster. Disaster Recovery tests are performed every 6 months.

Data Center

Our hosting partner is the largest managed cloud data center operation, with the absolute highest levels of both software and physical security, including three-factor security, and complete redundancy, and more than 3,000 hosting engineers for support.