For companies that are considering outsourcing some or all of this function, Smyyth offers a comprehensive solution for you including professional staff, best-in-class technology, collaborative workflow, with credit information and scoring.

Because the Smyyth businesses include credit-to-cash managed services and consulting (Smyyth), credit risk decisioning/scoring and credit information (Credit2B), combined with best-in-class technology to handle all operations from order-to-cash (Carixa), we have everything in-house, under one source, to manage the entire function for any sized company. All services and personnel are US located.

  • Fast, expert credit decisions
  • Reduce overhead
  • Improve financial results
  • Accelerate sales
  • Improve customer service

Fundamental to effective credit decisions is having access to “trade data”; that is the receivables payment experience of others in the industry. Smyyth’s Credit2B affiliate includes a powerful Internet platform for aggregating, scoring, rating, and interchange of objective credit accounts receivable payment data that enables far more companies, regardless of location, to benefit from exchange of business information. This data is invaluable in credit management services. Companies can join Credit2B industry networks to contribute, and to share in this data.


  • Professional dedicated credit staff
  • Unsurpassed efficiency due to specialized technology
  • Fully collaborative with workflow
  • Integrated customer credit application
  • Integrated credit information, ratings, scoring
  • 365 day portfolio monitoring
  • Advice and access to analysts
  • Real time view to all activity
  • No consultants needed to implement