Delivering superb service to clients in all industries.

John Metzger, the Chairman of the Smyyth companies, acquired Smyyth in 1996 first as a unit of Creditek, of which he was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. When Creditek was sold to a global company in 2002, he established Smyyth as an independent enterprise that is now a leader in its field, with worldwide customers. We are proud that the Creditek name is now a part of Smyth again as of 2013, and represents the managed accounts receivable outsource service, enabled by the end-to-end Carixa SaaS technology.

Smyyth has profound expertise in Order-to-Cash Management, technology and services. This includes credit management, accounts receivable, collection, and deduction management.

Smyyth’s CARIXA™ SaaS Order-to-Cash software streamlines operations, slashes costs, and increases profits. Smyyth’s revolutionary CREDIT2B™ business community-ratings platform upgrades the quality, cost and delivery of business credit information with a secure and scalable data cloud computing backbone.

Smyyth’s leadership has subject matter expertise in their respective fields. Our clients are leading companies across most industries, including finance, pharmaceutical, electronics, consumer products, manufacturing, industry, and technology. We are a valued partner to over 1,000 corporations.

At Smyyth, we focus on ensuring that our clients optimize their cash flow and profits, extracting frozen cash flow and profits within their order-to-cash cycles, while delivering better customer service. We are out to change the ways that companies work, by transforming revenue cycle operations into a profit contributor, and eliminating absolutely all redundant, low-value paper-shuffling through workflow automation, so that your people can focus on what really matters.