The Challenge: Your Accounts Receivable is out of control for any number of reasons, often leaving hundreds or even many thousands of unmatched invoices, deductions, debit memos, credit memos and unapplied cash. If left unresolved, you are guaranteed a significant loss.

The Solution: Carixa can handle the largest reconciliation challenges, whether the problem is a single strategic customer or a massive rebuilding of multiple years and of hundreds of thousands of records. Through the use of configurable matching rules using field matching, string searches and tolerances, a recommended list of Debits and Credits is presented to you for final approval. After your review, and a simple online approval, your reconciled transactions are updated in Carixa, and your financial system.

A unique second level match is available at the SKU level when Invoice line item details are available.

  • Eliminate mass reconciliation write-offs
  • Collect 100% of what is owed vs. settling for cents on the dollar
  • Properly match credits and debits
  • Avoid escheatment liability
  • Assure clean receivables
Features More Benefits
Unlimited Reconciliation Rule sets Targeted rules can be applied to business units or a specific customer
Rule sets can analyze a sequence of matching rules Increased probability of matching
Matching tolerances set at dollar amounts or percentages Increased reconciliation rates with
All configuration performed through an intuitive UI No IT involvement required
SKU level credit debit matching Product level reconciliation, identify pricing discrepancies