Performance Dashboards

The Challenge: You need to produce detailed performance reports. After you find all the data, you need to upload data into Excel to create a series of pivot tables and graphs manually. Then, during the month you’d like to know how your department’s performance is trending to your monthly goals and you need to once again go through a series of manual steps to generate the information you need.

The Solution: Carixa customizable, on-demand Management Dashboards provide you with KPI’s and metrics to manage your global or divisional credit and receivables operations, accessed according to company roles from CFO, Credit Manager, to team member. Tracking and trending of cash collections, past dues, deduction resolution, and collector performance are only a few of the dashboard configurations.  All dashboards and reports are also one-click exportable so you can add them to your commentary on monthly performance.

Make your numbers: By knowing at any time where you are compared to your objectives, you can adjust focus, priorities and operations to make sure you make your working capital, credit and cash flow numbers.

  • Never be blindsided or surprised -know where you are compared to DSO and financial goals so you can take action ahead of time
  • Drill down to review specific unit, associate or customer performance issues
  • Eliminate time-consuming reporting with online custom views for the CFO, Credit Manager, and others
Features More Benefits
Real time visibility into your global credit and receivables operations Identify trends so actionable changes can be made quickly
Generate month end reporting packages More time can be spent on analysis as opposed to preparation
Dashboards created at both Executive and Operational levels Summary and detail results online